Rose Coloured Apocalypse envisions an expanded view of theatre and a more conscious, caring, and connected world. 

To this end, Rose Coloured Apocalypse creates theatre that explores theatrical conventions: space, audience/performer relationship, how we interact, and any other that will deepen connection, in order to better lean into the liveness of the medium and push thought and action on societal conventions forward.

Photo from Anomie (Fringe 2017) dir. Eric Rae

Photo and script by Wren Brian, featuring Heather Krahn and Victoria Hill

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Founder/Artistic director/Only person in the company

Okay, so the "we" may be a little disingenuous. We are only one person. That person is me. Hi! My name is Eric and I'm an actor and director who makes theatre that is literally outside the box. Or inside the box, but uses the box in unconventional ways. It's all about space! And by all I mean mostly. If this is complicated or doesn't make a lot of sense, that's okay. We're all learning, myself included! I try to make theatre that is a little confusing. I want to make people think about what we often consider foundations of society, things we take for granted as true. That can be a little disconcerting, and that's okay.

Eric studied acting at the University of Winnipeg through the Acting Honours program and theory and directing at the University of Nice in through the Master Arts du Spectacle program.


« Quelle forme trouver, exprimant le rapport nouveau que nous cherchons avec le public ? »

Antoine Vitez





Winnipeg Fringe 2022?

A dark fairy tale.

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