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Fringe 2022

A dark fairy tale, performed by Grumplestock’s four magical creations as they tell their only story: a journey to the divided city of Bowble. Each must decide what matters most: their friends, or their reputation in a new and exciting society.


Bowble is full of fascinating figures, but holds danger for those new in town, especially those as naïve as Grumplestock’s creations. When they part ways, the four learn harsh lessons about themselves and those around them.  Will they find their place, or lose themselves in their haste to gain Importance?


A frenetic, expressionist reflection of the world we know, Grumplestock’s will guide your heart and mind through a landscape that’s more familiar than any of us want to admit.


Written by Kevin Jesuino, Trish Lorenz, Jon Stewart

Directed by Eric Rae

Featuring: Jenna Anderson, Sherri Pierce, Madyson Richard, Em Shibou-Savoie

Stage Management: Denby Perez, Bennette Villones

Did you see the show? Did inspire you to help out in the community? Here are some organizations we think are worth supporting!


Eleventh Hour Productions

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