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Confinons, tajinons

November 5-7, 2020

An interactive, online cooking show. Participants, forearmed with a list of ingredients and simple pre-show instructions, logged into a Zoom call to learn to cook an authentic Moroccan tajine. Assisted in the kitchen by her son Mohammed, Asmaa Zennati taught the "class" as Yamina, the chef. Joining her were Keith Damboise, Simon Miron, Sylvie Harvey and Alison Palmer playing a slightly dysfunctional family trying to connect in a new way. Live, original music was provided by Asmaa's husband, Hakim and his keyboard. Participants finished the hour long show with a home cooked meal and a greater understanding and appreciation of Moroccan culture.

Written by Alison Palmer and Asmaa Zennati.

Directed by Eric Rae


Théâtre Cercle Molière

Réseau en immigration francophone du Manitoba

Accueil francophone

Casablanca Food Market

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