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Dracula Unearthed!

Halloween 2022

Something strange is going on at Dalnavert Museum.

The year is 2022 and a link has been discovered between the museum and Count Dracula. Modern-day occultists believe that in 1897, Dracula created a safeguard against his destruction: A centuries old ritual that would ensure his resurrection 125 years later.

Relics from the past are being pulled through time and space to this heritage house.


You and your team will search for these relics, through the dark house, working to unearth the key to Dracula’s return. If you make it to the final destination, you will have to seal him once again in his tomb. Can you do it in time to save Winnipeg and the world from Dracula’s wrath?


From Van Helsing’s lost journal: “There are symbols I have yet to decipher, but it appears as though the Lord of the Vampires has embedded a fragment of his essence in this magic circle, and has given instructions for it to find a time and place suitable for his return.

Created in partnership with:

Dalnavert Museum

Echo Theatre

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