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Scriptum Samatus

October 23rd, 30th & November 6th, 2021

Combining theatre, literature, escape room style puzzles, and the occult, Scriptum Summatus was a participatory online experience like no other. 

Participants gathered over Zoom to discuss Christopher Tapper’s short story Scriptum Summatus, a Lovecraftian style horror, which they received days before the show. It offers a short tale of a man who reads from a book, unleashing its horror.

In discussing the story, the history and legacy of H.P. Lovecraft and his white supremacy, the evil is unleashed once more and participants have to come together to seal it away.

Hosted by Theresa Thomson and featuring Lindsay Johnson, Joshua Ranville and Alan MacKenzie as audience members. 


Written by Theresa Thomson

Short story written by Christina Fawcett (aka. Christopher Tapper)

Directed by Eric Rae and Theresa Thomson

In-house support by Erica Hastings

Created with the help of Jean Blandon and Natalie Stefanson


Dalnavert Museum


With support from:

Manitoba Arts Council

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